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S2E36 - The Eternally Awesome MCU: A Nerdtastic Discussion About ‘The Eternals’

Did you know that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is almost old enough to drive now? Yeah, It’s 13 years old. It’s getting into it’s teenage years now and whether you have been watching since RDJ first put on The Mark 1 armor back in 2008 or have joined the fandom in the years since you have to admit it has been a dream come true seeing these stories brought to life.

Now, sure, some of the films Disney puts out may not have been their best work in some people's opinion but it is The Bear’s view that they have yet to make a completely bad movie. Even Thor: The Dark World and Captain Marvel, though he has his complaints about both, are still watchable and do the job of helping to move the MCU plot along.

In this 2-part episode we look at the latest addition to this awesome cinematic universe. The Eternals. We’ll look at the comic origins of the characters, the cast that brought them to life, and most importantly where they fit in the overall MCU story.

So, join our Nerdtastic Duo as they welcome back both an old friend, Orey from Geeky Vengeance and a new one, Josh from The Knights of the Nerd’s Table and embark on yet another nerdy topic discussion.

Deviants Be Gone!

Who was your favorite Eternal?

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