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S2E22 - Podcasts Squared: Our 1 year anniversary episode!

It’s been a great nerdy year here at The Bear & The Beard Podcast and, since this episode is releasing on June 18th that makes this our 1 year anniversary.

That's close to 52 hour of “talkin nerdy” and our Nerdtastic Duo just wanted to thank you all for being on this journey with them. They probably could have done it without you… maybe…. probably... however, that wouldn’t have been very fun at all in their opinion.

For this episode our hosts wanted to share with ya’ll a few other podcasts that you may or may not have heard of. To do this they sat down with a few people that have alot to do with other shows that they think you may enjoy and compiled these interviews into a 2 hour special called Podcasts Squared.

Got any other podcasts we should check out?

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