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S2E21 - Dad-Man and His "Invincible" Son

It’s a bird, its a plane, no it’s… it’s….. Omni-Man Destroying a planet like it's just another Tuesday.

It's cool..... yet slightly disappointing but, let us tell you about something that's not disappointing.

The show Invincible On Amazon! In it’s, short, 8 episode run this very different spin on a superhero show was a non stop thrill ride of blood, gore, betrayal, and Amber.... It quickly became a, very meme-able, streaming service phenomenon that has already been renewed for 2 more seasons. Our Nerdtastic Duo has once again teamed up with Frenchie of The Geek of The Round Table to discuss this, surprisingly, all star studded cast having, adult cartoon / superhero show. Who was your favorite character in this show?

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