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S2E19 - Entering The Matrix

The Matrix.

It is much more than the name of a computer program or “system”.

It is a cinematic world built for our enjoyment. It doesn’t matter if you are a Businessman, teacher, lawyer, carpenter or just all around nerd.

The very minds of the people who watched the original film and it’s subsequent sequels we’re blown. These films are even still a part of not only cinema history but also cinema future with the 4th installment due to release in December of this year and that makes this assembled panel very excited.

Unfortunately, no one can be told exactly what all the Matrix is in 1 hour but, we at least tried by discussing with each other some of our favorite things about these movies and if you haven’t seen them yet we highly recommend watching them yourself.

Take your red pills everyone this rabbit hole runs deep.

Speaking of pills. if offered which would you take? Red or Blue?

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