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S2E15 - Run Barry, Run!

Scarlet Speedster, Savior of Central City, The fastest man alive.

These are just a few names that the speedster hero in red has gone by over the years.

The Flash first debuted in DC comics in 1940 and has been running ever since. He has appeared in one form or another in several animated and live action movies, animated shows, and as a main character in not 1 but 2 live action shows in 1990 and 2014,

He has even been spotted in small cameos in other live action shows over the decades. To top it off he is even a playable character in a handful of video games.

Talking about the flash covers about 8 decades of material, but unfortunately we don’t have access to the speed force so during this episodeour Nerdtastic Duo and their guest host focused mostly on one of their favorite iterations of this speedy hero The CW series that started 7 years ago and is still on air today.

Take a trip with them during this episode to Central City to meet Barry Allen, Harrison Wells and the rest of Team Flash.

What was your favorite season of the show?

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