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S1E26- The Bear & Beard Go To Platform 9 3/4!

Part 2 of the Listener Requested Topic: Requested by LegosandIceCream

The magical misadventures of Harry Potter and the rest of the characters of the wizarding world all started many, many years ago as J.K. Rowling began to write her novels. Since then we have received 7 books, 1 screenplay which was adapted to a book, a Broadway musical, 8 films, (10 if you include the Fantastic Beasts films) and a plethora of apps, games, and merch.

Universal Studios has even dedicated part of its theme park into recreating parts of this magical fictional world in Orlando, Florida. You can also now go online to and find out not only what house you belong to but also what your Patronus and wand would be. It’s AWESOME!

So with Christmas around the corner in the season of magic our Nerdtastic Duo took a stroll through the wall at King’s Cross Station, boarded the Hogwarts Express and took a look into their favorite things about the world of Harry Potter!

What House do you belong to? Who is your favorite character?

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