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S1E13 - Pai Sho: It's More Than A Game!

Do you have your White Lotus Tile? If not we have spare.

Avatar: the Last Airbender in many opinions is one of the greatest American made anime series to ever grace the television screen. With its compelling and captivating story lines, great visual art work, and unique character designs spanning its 3 seasons and 61 episodes, (and that doesn't include the spin off series The Legend of Korra) Avatar became a fandom all on its own.

It inspired further works in mangas, live action reboots, and other continuations of the Nickelodeon original. So, today, Our Nerdtastic Duo go to visit the fictional four nations in spirit to explore the characters, episodes, and theories that made The Avatar one of their favorite television shows.

What are some of your favorite Avatar elements? (pun intended)

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