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S1E11 - Chadwick Boseman Forever!

It is with a heavy and sad heart that we offered our prayers and sympathy to Chadwick Boseman’s family back in August 2020. Known for important and real iconic African-American roles and Marvel's The Black Panther in the MCU, Boseman at the age of 43, surrounded by his family, passed away on August 28, 2020 due to complications from colon cancer.

He brought to life the struggles and achievements of famous icons like Thurgood Marshall and Jackie Robinson and, in many people's opinion, he was the only choice to bring Black Panther to life from the comic books to the big screen. Even the great Stan Lee, may he also rest in peace, praised Chadwick's performance before passing away in 2018.

In this episode The Bear & The Beard took a look back at this extraordinary, real life, hero's life. Chadwick will hopefully continue to inspire people for generations to come. what was your favorite Chadwick role?

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